Jordan Oil Terminals Company-JOTC

JOTC is a private shareholding company wholly owned by the Government of Jordan, that owns and operates three independent terminals strategically distributed in Jordan offering a total storage capacity of around 755,000 CBM for petroleum products and 41,360 CBM for Liquified Petroleum Gas “LPG”. These state-of-the-art terminals were built according to the safest and highest quality standards and are operated following the latest best international practices in the oil and gas sector.

JOTC was founded to contribute to achieving two goals in Jordan’s energy sector which are to guarantee the security and sufficiency of Jordan’s fuel supply through storing and managing the strategic stock of petroleum products owned by the government; and to promote competition in the downstream petroleum market by providing services to the licensed operators according to the open-access principles on a fair and non-discriminatory basis.

The policy of JOTC in conducting business is to commit to Health, Safety, Security, Environment, and Quality “HSSEQ” fundamental principles, thus protecting the environment and ensuring the well-being of all its employees, visitors, and the community at large with the main aim of zero accidents. The company’s activities are in compliance with the local applicable laws, regulations, and ethical standards. From this perspective, JOTC has recently obtained three ISO certificates by international company “SGS” in the areas of quality management systems (ISO 9001), environmental management systems (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety management systems (OHSAS 45001). These achievements were accomplished due to JOTC’s adoption of the best international practices in all business aspects including employee sustainability, governance, social responsibility, and preserving the environment.

As for recent projects, JOTC has completed the installation of a Heavy Fuel Oil “HFO” heating system in Aqaba, which is the first project in the world that uses solar energy for heating fossil fuels. The purpose of this project is to improve the operations by speeding up the process of heating and transferring HFO to vessels for export purposes, while protecting the environment during the process since less carbon is emitted when using solar energy instead of conventional electrical energy. Furthermore, JOTC has started the installation of PV Solar Systems at its two terminals, Aqaba Oil Terminal “AOT” and Amman Strategic Terminal “ASTPP”, to reduce operating expenses and carbon emissions. These projects play a major role in contributing towards a more sustainable world, which is a major component in JOTC’s sustainability strategy.

The JOTC long-term strategy is focused on diversifying its services into a wide range of integrated and ancillary solutions related to its core storage business. Additionally, JOTC is currently exploring various opportunities to develop and expand the infrastructure of oil and gas in Jordan. One such project is constructing a pipeline for transporting petroleum products between AOT and ASTPP terminals. This project serves economic, social, and environmental goals by enhancing the logistic operations through working in a faster and more controllable environment, where risks can be properly mitigated such as water and soil pollution by major spills as well as reducing traffic accidents due to less mobile tankers on the road, in addition to conserving the environment through CO2, diesel and road depreciation savings.

To drive its strategy forward, JOTC has implemented the Balanced Scorecard methodology to guide its execution. This approach is oriented towards strategy management related to the five major aspects of Customers, Finance, Internal Processes, Sustainability, Learning & Growth. JOTC also deploys an international ‘Performance Management System’ to track its strategies, objectives, initiatives, and KPIs, which significantly enhances decision-making.

Since its establishment, JOTC has rapidly become well-known in the oil and gas industry on a local and regional level and is currently the preferred storage provider for Oil Marketing Companies “OMCs” and LPG Distribution Companies in Jordan, who consider JOTC terminals to be part of their infrastructure.

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