Al Masoudia Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. (MASEICO)

Al Masoudia Electrical Industries Co. Ltd. (MASEICO) was established in Saudi Arabia in 1992. Later on, in 2015, it transferred its 20+ years of experiences to Jordan. Since then, MASEICO has supplied the Jordanian market with high quality products matching international standards such as NEMA, IEC, BS, UL and ATEX specifications.

MASEICO offers a variety of solutions to suit all requirements of the Jordanian, Arabian Gulf and Middle Eastern markets; as well as materials, dimensions and designs.

A few years ago, MASEICO decided to create a new production unit in Jordan. Thus, it was able to demonstrate its capabilities and to work with the biggest clients in their fields.

The factory covers an area of 15000 m2 with CNC machines and high-tech production lines. Products that are manufactured and supplied include Hot Dip Galvanized steel, Pre- Galvanized steel, Stainless steel (304, 316), aluminum sheets and extruded alloys.

The factory products cover many solutions, of various dimensions and even special designs such as Cable Trays and Ladders, Cable Glands and Lugs, Grounding and Lightening Systems, Junction Boxes, Solar Structures, Rack and Support System, and Hot Dip Galvanizing.

Products are being manufactured using the latest developed computerized machines and technology; guided by the required ISO certification and developed ERP and production systems.

MASEICO is a Jordanian factory that competes internationally and is one of the leading factories to provide high quality products at a competitive price, with 25 years of manufacturing experience.

The advantages of MASEICO systems include single-source solutions that aid in reduction of overall total project costs, a streamlined production process, a wider selection of components, heavy duty steel with corrosion protection, using less steel without sacrificing strength, per-assembled components are available, quick response and efficient communication, all tested and approved based on the Jordanian Building Code.

MASEICO is a proven leader in manufacturing cable management systems and power products, also a proven leader in manufacturing solar energy systems requirements.

المسعودية للصناعات الألكترونية

• Solar Structure and mounting systems.
• Hot Dip Galvanized Steel.
• Rack and support systems.
• Stainless Steel (304, 316).
• Aluminum sheets and Extruded Alloys.


• Cable Trays and Ladders.
• Cable Glands and Lugs.
• Grounding and Lightening Systems.
• Junction Box.
• Solar Structures.
• Rack and Support Systems.
• Hot Dip Galvanizing.


• Classic Factory (Irbid): Supplying 1.2 Mwp solar steel structure and all the required cable management system for the project.
• Crown Plaza Hotel (Petra): Supplying all the cable management system materials.
• Dar Al-Hekma (Head Offices): Supplying all the cable management system materials.
• Civil Consumer Cooperation: Supplying 180 Kwp solar steel structure.
• Ministry of Public Works & Housing: Supplying a guard rail system for roads.
• Ritz Carlton Hotel: Supplying all the cable management system materials.
• Arab Potash Company: Supplying all the cable management system and rack support.


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